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Digging for installation of utilities or related components doesn't have to be invasive. R.W. Ball Construction LLC provides you with directional boring that helps you lay cable and much more without the need for trenching.


Sometimes traditional excavation is needed for your project and, when it is, we do a thorough job. We also offer utility locating that prevents damage to cables and other infrastructure, and we provide plowing for less aggressive utility installation.

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Prepare your job site for all types of subterranean work with services from our underground utility contractors in Little Rock, Arkansas. At R.W. Ball Construction LLC, contractors with more than 40 years of experience perform your residential and commercial work, so count on our professionalism from start to finish. Because we take pride in our work, we pay attention to detail, and focus on doing quality work over a high volume. While we have been in business, we have never had any client complaints, so let us meet your expectations.

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