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Alternative Directional Boring

Protect your job site from excavation damage with directional boring from our contractors in Little Rock, Arkansas. R.W. Ball Construction LLC provides you with this effective alternative when trenching or excavating isn't possible.

Drill - Directional Boring

Trenchless Installation

Directional boring is a non-invasive way of boring underground to provide you with the space to place pipes or conduit underground. This type of boring is more eco-friendly by agitating less terrain and because we care for the planet, you know you'll receive quality workmanship that fulfills your request.

Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling uses a boring head with a directional transmitter locater to tell us the boring machine's location underground. This technique is used to ensure that we stay on track while boring underground at your location.

Contact us for services that prevent the need for aggressive excavation.