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Precise Utility Locating & Excavation Services

Streamline your underground project with utility location and excavation services from R.W. Ball Construction LLC in Little Rock, Arkansas. You benefit from a combination of traditional and non-invasive techniques that prevent infrastructure damage.

Utility Locating

Accurately mark the spot where you need to do drilling or excavation with utility locating. We use ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to properly locate any unmarked utilities or pipes. When utilities or pipes are properly marked, this process prevents accidents and damage. We are capable of going up to 10-12 feet deep if needed to check for utilities. You know exactly what's underground and whether you can drill or dig in the area with this service.

Hydro Vacuum Excavating

This vacuum cleaner-type excavating pulls all soil, debris and mud through a mobile reservoir, this can also be used for utility potholing, drilling clean-up, sign drilling, slot trenching, water removal and more. Hydro Vacuum Excavating is the perfect complement to the directional bore and is ideal for any job that requires opening the ground and cleaning exposed cables, fiber optics, sewer lines, and water lines.

Cable Plowing

Expedite your installation work with cable plowing for fiber optics or pipes from R.W. Ball Construction LLC. By vibrating the ground, this process loosens up the soil, making it easier for you to place:

Excavator - Excavation Services
• Cables • Fiber Optics • Water Lines • Conduit


Trenching Work

Create that larger hole that you need with trenching work that opens up the ground two- to six-feet deep or more. Trenching makes it easier for you to lay waterline, fiber optic, and electric cable. Each job is unique therefore providing every client with individualized attention to meet your deadlines.

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